At morning, At evening : This morning, Tonight. He is in good shape in the morning!
Busy : very busy (store, shop)
Achaler : annoy, annoy
Business : thing in general, problem. It is the same case. That’s not the case!
Annoyance : Tease . This girl is an annoyance!
Love (In) : in love. Fall in love, be in love.
Auto : Car ( note : the term ‘Car’ is rarely used in Quebec )

Barrer : lock, key lock (door)
Bayeux : bad language. How runny he is!
Beau (It’s …) : Good, OK. It’s beautiful. Everything is beautiful !
Bébelle : mechanism, function (IT). This bug makes the program run.
Bécosses (Les …) : toilets (rather used by the old ones).
Ben, Ben ben : well …, very …, a lot … You’re really late . You’re not really good.
Donut : (male) donut. Do you want a donut?
Beast : unpleasant. He was stupid on the phone with me yesterday
Bibite: (feminine) beast, insect.
Welcome : you’re welcome, there’s nothing (from the English expression ‘Thank you – You’re welcome’). Thank you – Welcome
Wheat from India : corn
Blonde : bride, girlfriend (love)
Hello : (phone) have a nice day. Hello? … [End of conversation] Hello.
Boucane : smoke
Beverage : drink. What will you take for a drink?
Broaching machine : stapler
Brush (Take one, Be on the …) : take a binge, get tipsy. He took a brush (he was on the brush) last night!

Cuddle, cuddle : (curse) damn !, shit !; do not care. Calm! I care about it!
Canceller : cancel (English ‘Cancel’)
derail : panicking, losing my mind, be upset
Binder : Binder (see also ‘Spreadsheet’ below)
Catcher : understand, grasp (of English ‘catch’). I don’t have any catcher.
Cégep : the high school (official name)
Sweater : t-shirt, jersey. My favorite team’s jersey.
Char : car
At our place, At your place : at my place, at your place.I’m going home. Go home!
Chicane, quibble : quarrel, argument; to argue
Chum : boyfriend or girlfriend in friendship or in love (from English). Pronunciation: [tcheum]
Filing cabinet: file cabinet (see also ‘School bag’ above)
Coke : Coca-cola or Pepsi ( note : the term ‘coca-cola’ is never used in Quebec; note that Pepsi has the largest market share here!)
Cockroach : cockroach (a cockroach)
Correct : OK, well, that’s fine ( note : frequently used in Quebec). Pronunciation: [correc ‘]. It’s correct ! I’m correct!
Ice cream: ice cream (the dessert) ( note : we never just use the term ‘ice cream’ in Quebec) (from the English ‘Icecream’)
Crime : (interjection) mince !, mash! Crime!
Crisse or chrisse : (expletive) damn !, shit! Criss! Chrisse de marde !
Criss or chriss his camp : clear
Crisse (In …) : See ‘Cursed (In …)’
Croche : dishonest, in an unorthodox way. Think crooked, Be crooked.
Crosser (To be …) : To be had. I got crossed by the mechanic!
Crosseur: Swindler, Dishonest (used as a noun and adjective). He is a cursed crosseur ! He’s a crosseur.
Cruiser : flirt
Cute : cute, owl (from English). Pronunciation: [kioute]. He’s cute! It’s cute!

Disembark : get off, get out. Get off the bus
Convenience store : small grocery store, “Arabe du coin”
Lunch : breakfast
Diet (drink …) : light. A diet coke please!
Dinner : lunch
Expensive : expensive (price)
Hard (Make …) : make strong. It’s hard, there!

Disgusting : breathtaking, to die for. This steak is disgusting! It was a sickening sight!
Erase : (female) eraser
In love : See ‘Love’
Thick : heavy (figurative sense). What a thick one!
Scary : scary, scary
Grocery store : supermarket, market, (Shopping). I do my grocery shopping on Sundays.
Espadrilles : sneakers ( note : the term ‘sneakers’ is never used in Quebec) .
Esti : (expletive) shit !, shit !, damn! Esti! Esti de marde !
Them others :See ‘Us’

Face : face
Fête (Bonne …) : birthday ( note : curiously, we do not celebrate the Saints of the calendar in Quebec, despite the omnipresence of the clergy until the 1970s!)
Fif : homosexual, ‘gay’. It’s a fif!
End : nice, sympathetic, amiable, pleasant. It is ben fine!
Flo : kid, child
Foxer : to look blue, not to honor a date
Frette : very cold. It is fret.
Fun : fun, very enjoyable. It’s fun! I had fun!

Gang; : (female) band, group. A street gang. A gang of young people. My
Frozen gang : effect of a drug. He’s completely frozen!
Gum : chewing gum. Chew gum.
Gossage (Du …) : childbearing (see below). It’s kidding!
Kid : shit, work hard for … I had to kid to get to this result
Kids : testicles. The kids.
Gougounes : (female) thongs, slippers.


Icitte : here
Innocent : simple-minded, stupid. You’re Ben innocent!

Chat : chat, chat
Job : (female) work, task, job. You did your job well. A great job!
Joke : (female) joke. Tell a joke.
Joual : name of the popular spoken Quebecois


Liquor : soda, soft drink
Lousse : ample, loose (loose)

Magané : confused in his head, not clear ideas. I’m all smacked!
Shopping : shopping, shopping
Popcorn : popcorn
Marde : shit.
Marde (Eat some …) : Shit; Kiss my ass ! Eat shit!
Mosquito : mosquito
Cursed (expletive) damn, damn … Damn! Damn French!
Cursed (In …) : angry, pissed off / (at the end of a sentence) Terribly, Incredibly. He was cursed after his float yesterday! He is stupid even cursed
(of): well, like this. Why is he talking to me the same?
Put some : (interjection) It’s clear! Yeah! Put some!
Misery (having difficulty ) : difficulty, difficulty in doing something. I have ben the misery!
Mittens : (female) gloves (for the cold).
Moumoune : cowardly, cowardly. How moumoune she is!

Foolish : tease, tease, mess around. You are fooling!
Foolish : fool, stupid.
Nono : beta, idiot. He is nono!
Us : Us. We are hungry.

Ordinary : any, medium. This film was very ordinary!
Ostia : See ‘Esti’

Pantoute : not at all, absolutely not. Not all! I haven’t seen him all.
Party : (male) party, celebration. There’s a party tonight!
Party (to be on) : to party. He was really at the party last night!
Not worse : not bad, quite well. It doesn’t get any worse. It’s not worse!
Shepherd’s pie: shepherd’s pie embellished with corn
Patente : (female) Machin, Truc
Painting : Painting (wall, …)
Weighing : pressing (on a button, a touch)
Firecracker : barrel (beauty), very beautiful. It’s a firecracker!
Piastre : one Canadian dollar.Pronunciation: [piasse]
Pitoune : slut, easy girl. What a beautiful pitoune!
Placoter : discuss, chat
Platte : boring, stupid. It’s flat!
Pogner : to catch, to have, to take, to hang. I caught the flu.
(Getting) Pounding your ass : Jerking off your balls, Do not give a fuck. Get it up the ass all day!
Pot : (male) marijuana. Smoking from the pot
Poutine : ‘national’ Quebec dishes, made with fries, melted cheese and ‘gravy’ sauce. Poutine is good!

Quétaine : cheesy, ‘kitsch’

To stay : to live. I am staying in Montreal.
Running shoes : See ‘Espadrilles’
Rough : See ‘Tough’

Sacrer : swear (curse)
Bathroom : also refers to the toilets. I come back, I need to go to the bathroom.
Ski-doo : snowmobile
Sou : 1 cent It costs just 10 cents !
Snowblower : snowplow
Supper : dinner
Pacifier : (female) pacifier, tototte (for babies)
Pacifier : (female) hickey, fellatio
Lollipop : (male) pacifier
‘Sti : See’ Esti ‘

Tabarnack : (expletive) damn !, god damn it! Tabarnack!
Tabarnack (In …) : See ‘Cursed (In …)’
Tanning, tanned : tiring, tired
Sometimes : a while ago. See you soon!
Stubborn : ass- licking , bean.
Toilette (La …) : (in Quebec, this term is used in the singular). Going to the bathroom
Tough : difficult, arduous (from English). Pronunciation: [tofe]. It’s tough!
Toune : musical tune, popular song. I love this toune!
All : all, completely. I have all succeeded. It’s all the same thing !
Trouble : difficulty, worry, pain. I had trouble with him!
You … you? : Interrogative form. Do you want to eat Are you in the world?
Tuque : (female) hat.